Swimming pool maintenance can elongate the life of your swimming pool in Goodyear. That’s why the experts at Universal Pool Service have created this blog to give you the best tips and tricks to keep your swimming pool maintained. Putting off servicing your pool can result in costly damages and repairs. Our blog will teach you why pool maintenance is the best way to save time and money while keeping your pool safe and fresh. Read our maintenance blog to learn more about how maintaining your pool can benefit you and your family — contact Universal Pool Service for all of your swimming pool maintenance needs!

  1. Why You Should Pay For Pool Maintenance

    When you have a pool, you are already paying a lot of money to keep the pool going. You are paying for all of the water to fill up the pool every time. You have to buy the chemicals and pay for all of the fixtures and repairs. A lot of people don’t want to have to pay more to have a professional come out once a week and service their pool. We are here to tell you that it is worth it! And here is…Read More

  2. Getting A Pool Inspection On Your New Home

    Congratulations!  You are about to buy a new house. And, lucky you, it has a pool! But it looks like the owner has let the pool cleaning go. The water looks more green than blue and the amount of debris in that water is gross, but it has potential. At Universal Pool Service, we know all about this and we want to tell you one thing: do not sign any paperwork until you have had us come out and insp…Read More

  3. Health Problems With Too Much Chlorine

    Being an owner of a pool is not just fun and games (while we will admit, that is about 95 percent of what being a pool owner means). You also have to be very responsible when it comes to the pool chemicals. There can be many dangers for both too little and too much chlorine. Chlorine is what most public and private pools rely on when it comes to disinfection. The CDC says that to be conforming to …Read More

  4. Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling All Summer Long!

    When you close your eyes and dream about spending lazy days next to the pool this summer, you probably envision a clean pool full of sparkling blue water. (We know the water’s actually clear, but thanks to the color of most pool linings it looks blue and beautiful!) Then you open your eyes and realize that a beautiful pool doesn’t happen all on its own. You’ve got to stay on top of swimming …Read More

  5. 3 Home Improvements That Can Extend Your Swimming Season

    As we mentioned in a previous post that featured a question from one of our swimming pool maintenance customers, many people in the Goodyear area wish they could keep their pool open despite the cold weather that arrives late in the year. Although we don’t advise leaving your outdoor pool open all year long, there are certain features that can be added to your swimming pool area to greatly exten…Read More

  6. Can You Really Keep A Swimming Pool Clean Without Chemicals?

    We’re exposed to chemicals in every facet of our life, even when we go swimming in a pool. The pool tiles, concrete, plumbing, and water all contains chemical compounds. But in recent years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions from people in Glendale about whether the chemicals we use in swimming pool maintenance are actually safe, and whether or not they can trust articles on the internet that ad…Read More

  7. Why The Chemicals In Your Pool Matter

    Summer is almost here, and that means barbecues, sunscreen, and of course, pool parties. At Universal Pool Service, we want to maintain your pool to help keep your family safe and your pool sparkling. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a pool is ensuring the correct pH balance of the water.  Potential of hydrogen, more commonly referred to as pH, is a scale that measures the acidity…Read More

  8. Covering Your Pool For Winter? Here’s What You Need To Know

    At Universal Pool Service, we know people have different opinions on closing their pools for the winter. On the one hand, we live in beautiful Arizona and experience high day-time temperatures almost year-round. On the other, the days are shorter during the winter and most of us use our pools less frequently. If you’re closing up the old pool for the winter, there are a few things you need to kn…Read More