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Universal Pool Service Can Deep-Clean Your Swimming Pool

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A Clean Pool You Can Feel Good About

Is the water in your swimming pool crystal clear like it should be? Have you noticed lately that it has become murky, unusually green, or even black? If so, your pool may benefit from an Acid Wash Service from the experts at Universal Pool Service. This complicated but thorough cleaning involves hazardous substances, which is why you should leave your acid wash cleaning to the experts. You’ll be left with a sparkling clean pool that looks brand new again. At Universal Pool Service, we proudly provide pool cleaning and maintenance services throughout the West Valley. Call today to schedule your cleaning!  

What You Can Expect From Universal Pool Service

  • More than 15 years of industry experience
  • Passion for providing exceptional pool cleaning services
  • A sparkling pool at an affordable price
  • Quality products and equipment
  • Friendly and reliable team of professionals

At Universal Pool Service, We Offer:

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Installations, Maintenance, & Repairs

Why Acid Wash Your Pool?

Just like teacups and teeth, the walls and floor of a swimming pool can develop stains and discolorations over time. While it’s best to tackle these stains with traditional scrubbing tools as soon as they become visible, many of them won’t respond to this treatment. For extremely stubborn stains, the only remedy is an acid wash applied by a professional pool cleaning technician.

During your swimming pool’s acid wash procedure, your technicians from Universal Pool Service will drain the pool and scrub the sides. Then, they will apply a muriatic acid and water solution using a special acid brush. The residue is neutralized with soda ash before being rinsed away. Once they’ve completed these steps, they will refill your pool.

Unfortunately, not all pools are good candidates for acid washing. If your pool has thin, damaged, or outdated plaster, you may want to consider replacing your plaster altogether. At Universal Pool Service, we’ll do everything we can to help you determine the condition of your plaster and which service may be best. 


Get a Sparkling Clean Pool With Universal Pool Service

If you notice that your pool isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be, it may be time to schedule your acid wash service with the experts at Universal Pool Service. We proudly serve Goodyear and the surrounding areas, and our goal is to make sure you can continue enjoying your swimming pool all throughout the year. We offer a variety of pool cleaning and maintenance services, as well as monthly cleaning packages, repairs, and installations. Give us a call today to schedule your acid wash service!

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