Why Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool?

Just like teacups and teeth, the walls and floor of a swimming pool can develop stains and discolorations over time. While it’s best to tackle these stains with traditional scrubbing tools as soon as they become visible, many of them won’t respond to this treatment. For extremely stubborn stains, the only remedy is an acid wash applied by a professional pool cleaning technician.

Please note that swimming pools with very thin, damaged, or outdated plaster are not a good candidate for acid washing. In these cases, it’s typically a better use of your money to replace the plaster altogether. Your Universal Pool Service technician can tell you more about the condition of your plaster and which service is best.

What Happens During Swimming Pool Acid Wash Service?

The first step of a pool acid washing procedure is to drain the pool and scrub the sides. Then your swimming pool maintenance professional will apply a muriatic acid and water solution using a special “acid brush.” The residue is then neutralized with soda ash before being rinsed away, prior to refilling the pool.

Universal Pool Service is Your Local Acid Washing Specialist

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