Price Chart




The chemicals are checked and balanced every week




$95 per month for larger pools

The most common service needed if you have a good cleaning system




Rates increase for larger pools or pools with excessive foliage

A $20 extra fee per month will be applied for pools that don’t have a functioning cleaner or pop-up system
3″ Chlorine Tabs  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Liquid Chlorine (for shocking)*  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Granular Chlorine (for shocking)*  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Sodium Bicarbonate (Alk..Increase)  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Soda Ash (pH Increase)  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Muriatic Acid (pH/ Alk. Decrease)  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Dry Acid (Alk. Decrease)  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Conditioner *  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Salt (for saltwater pools)*  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Brushing down the sides and steps  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Filter backwashing as needed ***  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Emptying of all strainer baskets  smallwhitecheckmark  smallwhitecheckmark
Skimming of all debris from the pool  smallwhitecheckmark
Vacuuming the bottom as needed  smallwhitecheckmark

*Additional fees may be required if we have to add algaecides, phosphate removers, shock, salt, conditioner, and any other water chemistry agent due to circumstances beyond our control (weather, neglect, pool drain, etc.). Pricing is for pools less than 25,000 gallons.

**Filter backwashing is done on an as-needed basis. The cleaning process includes backwashing sand and D.E. filters and recharging D.E. filters with diatomaceous earth.

***Backwashing is for sand and D.E. filters, and not the cleaning of cartridges for cartridge filters.

Cartridge filters require us to dismantle the filter and hose off each cartridge element until clean. Because of the added work and time involved, there will be an extra charge of $85 each time the filters are cleaned. This should only need to be done every six months.

*D.E. teardowns should be done once a year at a cost of $85.

Pool Service in Goodyear, AZ

Cleaning debris from the surface of the water will keep the pool looking aesthetically clean, and checking the chemical balance is a good start to preventing bacteria from growing, but it often takes professional pool services to ensure that your pool is completely safe and ready for use. This can be done through a variety of methods, techniques, equipment, and chemicals. We offer liquid and granular chlorine stocking, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, swimming pool conditioner, brushing down the sides and steps, emptying strainer baskets, and more.

Each time the swimming pool technicians at Universal Pool Service visit your home, we’ll provide quick and efficient service so that you can get back to your life or enjoying your pool. For regular, ongoing maintenance, you may not even need to be home if there is an easy entrance to the pool area. After nearly 20 years of providing pool services throughout the Goodyear area, we have come to love helping our neighbors enjoy a cleaner, safer pool, and we can’t wait to get started with yours.

Whatever pool service you need, we’ll be there with all of the tools and equipment you need to ensure that your pool is in the best possible condition for years to come. Schedule a cleaning with Universal Pool Service today.