At Universal Pool Service, we’ve heard a lot of myths floating around about owning a pool. Today, we want to bust four of the most common rumors about pool ownership, and get you excited to own your own pool today!

Myth: Pools always break and need expensive repairs.

Pools that are installed by reputable companies should last for years and years without any problems. The most frequent repairs pool owners face is usually the result of failure to keep the pool clean and perform regular maintenance. A clean and chemically balanced pool will help keep the lining in great shape, and regular maintenance can avoid major pump failure down the road. A new car that never gets an oil change might last five years – whereas the same car with regular maintenance might last 20. See our point?

Myth: Pools are expensive to run and not worth the cost.

Will a pool increase your utility bills? Probably. Experts estimate that your utility bills might go up anywhere from $15-40 depending on how big your pool is and how much power you have going to it. In Arizona, many pool owners choose to forego heating their pools during the summer as the hot sun takes care of that for us. Compared with the cost of a pool membership, alternate excursions when kids are bored, and concessions at the local pool, you might be saving more than you’re spending.

Myth: Pools are dangerous.

Pools are not inherently dangerous. Using a pool as a babysitter and not taking precautions is. Adult supervision is a must for when young kids are in the pool, and no one should ever swim alone – even adults. If you have sneaky toddlers who might find themselves in trouble, invest in a fence around your pool in case the little ones get into the backyard on their own. Lastly, consider getting professional swim lessons for your children. This will help teach them life saving skills should they ever need it.

Myth: It’s too much work to maintain a pool.

Maintaining a pool is some work – but it’s definitely doable. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pool flowing smoothly. Our full-service pool cleaning package will take care of the hard part for you. Our monthly pool service technicians will clean your strainer balance, vacuum the pool floor, skim for debris, brush walls and steps, backwash your filters, and balance your chemicals when needed. Check out our list of pool services and schedule your first pool cleaning today!