At Universal Pool Service, we know people have different opinions on closing their pools for the winter. On the one hand, we live in beautiful Arizona and experience high day-time temperatures almost year-round. On the other, the days are shorter during the winter and most of us use our pools less frequently. If you’re closing up the old pool for the winter, there are a few things you need to know. It’s not as simple as throwing a tarp over it and calling it good. Winterizing should begin a week before you cover your pool to ensure you have plenty of time to do all the necessary steps.

To Drain Or Not To Drain?

That is the question. While many people think that you need to drain your pool for winter – as most people don’t want to jump in 6-month old water at the start of next summer – this is actually not the best approach. Having an empty pool can lead to rips and cracks in your lining as it dries out – especially with how mild the weather stays here.

While we experience nice weather most of the year here in Arizona, Goodyear has been known to have freezing temperatures during the winter. However, it is unlikely that your pool will freeze over completely. If we experience a coldspell this winter and you think your pool may freeze, drain your water to about 5 inches below the skimmer and jets to avoid pipes bursting.

Make Sure Your Chemicals Are Balanced

The experts at Universal Pool Service can help you out with this one. Balancing the chemicals in your pool is vital to the longevity of your pool and should be done year-round, but this is especially important during the winter. You may be thinking, “No one is going to be using my pool – why do I need to balance my chemicals?” Having too much chlorine in a pool can cause damaging and corrosive calcium deposits, and too little chlorine can make a delightful habitat for bacteria when your pool opens again. Make sure your pools pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Check chemical levels every month or so, even if you’re  not using the pool during that time. The last thing you want next summer is a green pool.

Remove Hardware And Clean Up

Remove any pool ladders, diving boards, hoses, and pool vacuums. Use a skimmer to remove any debris from the pool, and give the tiles and siding a good scrub. Ensure that filters are clean and the pool bottom is free of leaves and dirt.

Reduce Power To The Pool

We don’t offer tips for keeping your pool clean just for fun. Keeping a pool maintained can help save you money year-round and avoid costly repairs. Another great way to save money on your pool is to reduce the amount of power going to it while it’s not in use. Like a bear reduces its energy levels when hibernating for the winter, your pool can do the same thing. There’s no sense in running your filters full-blast if there’s no one swimming in the pool. Reduce the filter-running time by at least half. Disable any swim lights that automatically turn on, and turn off the pool heater.

Schedule Pre-Winter Maintenance

Don’t have time to make your pool spotless before closing? Universal Pool Service provides pool cleaning services and maintenance to the greater West Valley, including Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Surprise, Verrado, and surrounding areas.

Our pool technicians can deep-clean your pool and offer tips on how to keep it maintained during the winter. Schedule a pool cleaning today!