Having a pool is one of the great perks of living in a temperate state like Arizona. With a good portion of our 365 days containing lots of sunshine and warmth, it’s no wonder that the swimming season lasts longer here than many other parts of the country. The only problem with a longer swimming season is that you have a greater number of months in which you have to worry about keeping it clean.

In these days of advanced technology and all-home automation, it should come as no surprise that mechanical pool cleaners are making this chore easier, if not completely non-existent, for many homeowners in Avondale.

While a pool cleaner might seem like a great way to avoid a time-consuming chore, it’s important that you do your research before deciding which device you’re going to buy. As your pool cleaning and repair experts in the Goodyear and Avondale areas, Universal Pool Service is always available to answer your questions about swimming pool maintenance.

As such, we’ve put together a very brief blog about different types of pool cleaners, the brands who make the best pool cleaners, and why you might want to consider sticking with “analog” pool cleaners who have two arms, two legs, and a deep passion for pool maintenance.

Types Of Pool Cleaners You Should Know

Suction Pool Cleaner

Every pool has a suction line that draws water up into the filtration system. Suction side pool cleaners work together with this system to propel themselves through the pool while “vacuuming” dirt and debris away. Look for brands like Pentair, Baracuda, and Hayward.

Pros Of Suction Side Pool Cleaners:

  • Affordable
  • Few Moving Parts
  • Easy To Maintain

Cons Of Suction Side Pool Cleaners:

  • Increased Demand On Pool Filter
  • Requires A Pool Pump To Operate

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Don’t want to tax your pool filter with a suction side cleaner? Try the Pressure Side Cleaner. This device utilizes an existing pressure side line to propel itself around the floor of your pool. Unlike Suction Side Cleaners, the debris removed by a pressure side cleaner filters into its own, easy-to-clean bag rather than the pool’s filtration system. Look for brands like Pentair and Polaris. 

Pros Of Pressure Side Pool Cleaners:

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Places No Stress On Pool Filter

Cons Of Pressure Side Pool Cleaners:

  • Sometimes Requires Booster Pump
  • Requires A Pool Pump To Operate

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Now we’re getting into the pool cleaners of tomorrow. Powered with energy from your home, rather than any of the pool’s systems, robotic pool cleaners are “plug and play” options that pick up debris of all sizes. Instead of depositing debris into your pool’s system or an external bag, robotic pool cleaners keep it inside their internal system, making it easy to dump into the compost pile when the cleaning cycle is done. Look for brands like Dolphin, Polaris, and Aquabot.

Pros Of Robotic Pool Cleaners:

  • Superior Cleaning Of Pool Floor/Walls/Steps
  • Energy Efficient
  • Places No Strain On Pool Equipment

Cons Of Robotic Pool Cleaners:

  • High Upfront Cost
  • Filter Must Be Emptied Manually

Contact Universal Pool For The Best Pool Cleaners In Avondale

Although automatic pool cleaners have a come a long way in the past decade, they’re still no substitute for a human pool cleaner who can provide customized maintenance for your Arizona pool. Sign up for our regular pool cleaning services to combine all the benefits of an automatic cleaner with all the advantages of using a hiring person!