You’ve been on the fence about having your own pool for years. At Universal Pool Service, we’re here to tell you that putting in a swimming pool on your property is well worth the investment. Here are seven reasons to move forward with this project.

Keeps you cool

It’s a sweltering 98 degrees in Goodyear as we write this post. Whether you’ve lived in the West Valley for a year or a decade, you know just how difficult it can be to stay cool. A pool of your own allows you and your family to remain comfortable without having to constantly rely on the air conditioning.

Encourages family time

Have you been looking for a way to enjoy more time with your family? A swimming pool in your backyard will certainly do the trick! Picture yourself teaching your little ones to swim, playing with them in the pool, and even spending much-needed alone time with your significant other — all from the comfort of your home!

Creates a personal oasis

There are times when you just need to decompress and get away from it all. Rather than spend a fortune on a weekend getaway, create an outdoor resort at home with your own swimming pool! You can customize this new space with water features and other unique amenities. 

Makes your home the ultimate party pad

We have yet to meet someone who would turn down an invitation to a pool party. When you have your own swimming pool, you can pretty much entertain guests whenever you want. Whether it’s for a poolside barbecue over the weekend or a dip in the water after work, you can count on your place being a popular spot for friends and neighbors.

Improves your sleep

Can’t remember the last time you slept soundly through the night? A quick, 15-minute dip in the water before going to bed helps relax your body and mind. You can even look into meditation techniques for additional relaxation.

Provides an opportunity for exercise

We’ve talked at length about a swimming pool giving you the chance to get rid of stress and have fun. But did you know that you can also use your pool for exercise purposes? Swimming provides an incredible total body workout without the risk of injury. You may find soon after getting your own pool that you no longer require a gym membership.

Increases the value of your home

You’re always adding home improvement projects to your to-do list. While finishing the basement, remodeling the kitchen, or updating a bathroom may be at the top of the list, be aware that a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by as much as 15%. Even if you don’t plan on moving for the foreseeable future, a pool definitely provides plenty of bang for your buck! 

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