If you have a pool in your backyard, you should know how important it is to keep it clean. We are not just talking about keeping the leaves out of the water. We are talking about the algae that can and will gather at the bottom and sides of the pool.  We know that we should keep algae out of the pool as much as possible but we thought that we would expand on that letting you know why it is important.


The main cause of pool algae is when airborne spores get into the water, usually by raindrops catching them and landing in the pool and wearing a contaminated garment into the pool. Green algae, the most common form of algae, will turn your pool green if there is not adequate pool cleaning. The algae will attach itself to any surface that it can find, including your skin and swimming suit.


As we just stated, algae will attach to any surface it can find including the pool stairs. This can be very dangerous. The buildup of algae on the stairs can lead to accidental falls with or without serious injuries and even drowning in inexperienced swimmers.


The second-leading cause of death for children in America between the ages of one and four is drowning. When it comes to drowning, it can happen in a matter of seconds so time is of the essence. Rescuers need to be able to see in the water so that they can get to your child in an emergency. Algae is something that can get in the way of that, so it is just as important to get pool cleaning as it is to keep an eye on your child around the pool.

If you have a pool in your yard, it takes more than just the occasional pool cleaning. You need to have it regularly maintained by pool experts. Call Universal Pool Service today to schedule your pool maintenance.