1. 4 Reasons You Should Never Attempt Your Own Pool Repair

    Have you noticed some strange sounds coming from your pool pump? Is there a tear in your pool’s lining or a chip in the concrete around it’s edge? As you sit there with lemonade in hand, observing these pool repairs, you’re probably weighing the costs of hiring a professional versus just doing it yourself. On the one hand, you’ve never attempted to repair a pool before, but on the other, y…Read More

  2. Are You Confused About Which Pool Chemicals To Use When? We Can Help

    As one of the most respected swimming pool service companies in the Goodyear, Arizona area, we’re constantly helping homeowners understand the role chemicals play in swimming pool maintenance. When there are leaves in your pool, you skim them out. When there’s a gash in your pool lining, you call Universal for swimming pool repair. But it’s much harder to "see" when the chemical balance of y…Read More

  3. Tips To Keep Your Pool Sparkling All Summer Long!

    When you close your eyes and dream about spending lazy days next to the pool this summer, you probably envision a clean pool full of sparkling blue water. (We know the water’s actually clear, but thanks to the color of most pool linings it looks blue and beautiful!) Then you open your eyes and realize that a beautiful pool doesn’t happen all on its own. You’ve got to stay on top of swimming …Read More

  4. Health Problems With Too Much Chlorine

    Being an owner of a pool is not just fun and games (while we will admit, that is about 95 percent of what being a pool owner means). You also have to be very responsible when it comes to the pool chemicals. There can be many dangers for both too little and too much chlorine. Chlorine is what most public and private pools rely on when it comes to disinfection. The CDC says that to be conforming to …Read More

  5. 3 Reasons For Pool Cleaning

    If you have a pool in your backyard, you should know how important it is to keep it clean. We are not just talking about keeping the leaves out of the water. We are talking about the algae that can and will gather at the bottom and sides of the pool.  We know that we should keep algae out of the pool as much as possible but we thought that we would expand on that letting you know why it is import…Read More

  6. 4 Signs You Need Pool Repair

    Just because you own a home with a pool in the backyard, doesn’t mean that you are an expert when it comes to pool maintenance. So when your pool is not doing what it’s supposed to do, you may be at a loss. Luckily, pools are pretty simple to figure out if you catch the problem early enough. Here are 4 signs that your swimming pool will need repair. Debris If you have been noticing a lot more …Read More

  7. Getting A Pool Inspection On Your New Home

    Congratulations!  You are about to buy a new house. And, lucky you, it has a pool! But it looks like the owner has let the pool cleaning go. The water looks more green than blue and the amount of debris in that water is gross, but it has potential. At Universal Pool Service, we know all about this and we want to tell you one thing: do not sign any paperwork until you have had us come out and insp…Read More

  8. Getting Your Pool Ready For Spring

    Although it is only January, there is so much to do to your pool to open it up come spring time. At Universal Pool Service, we know that it can be a hassle to get your pool cleaned and ready to go. We have a few tips for you so that when it is time to set up your pool for the spring, you will know just what to do. Don’t empty the pool Unless you have structural damage or there is too much debris…Read More

  9. National Pool Cleaning Service Vs. Universal Pool Service

    When you are looking to hire a pool service for your pool cleaning, you have a long list of choices in the Goodyear, AZ area. How do you know who to trust with your pool? We recently came across an article by Angie’s List that talks about secrets some pool cleaning companies don’t want you to know. We take pride in our services so we want to be open with you. Skipped pool cleanings When you ar…Read More

  10. Why You Should Keep Your Pool Clean

    Many people who have a pool in their backyard let it go without any pool cleaning. This is usually because of a few things. They either don’t have the time to maintain it themselves or they don’t want to pay someone else to do it for them and it gets away from them. But if you have water in your pool, there are many reasons that you should clean it. Even if you don’t have the time or patienc…Read More