1. Spring Has Sprung! Time To Schedule Your Pool Services In Glendale

    Winter is officially behind us here in the Glendale area. That means pool owners all over Arizona will soon be thinking about restarting their pool for the summer recreation season. If you’re already planning summer barbecues, pool parties, and graduation soirees, you may be eager to reopen your slumbering pool so that it can provide a sparkling backdrop to all of your festivities. Spring is a v…Read More

  2. Can You Really Keep A Swimming Pool Clean Without Chemicals?

    We’re exposed to chemicals in every facet of our life, even when we go swimming in a pool. The pool tiles, concrete, plumbing, and water all contains chemical compounds. But in recent years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions from people in Glendale about whether the chemicals we use in swimming pool maintenance are actually safe, and whether or not they can trust articles on the internet that ad…Read More

  3. Who Makes The Best Pool Cleaners?

    Having a pool is one of the great perks of living in a temperate state like Arizona. With a good portion of our 365 days containing lots of sunshine and warmth, it’s no wonder that the swimming season lasts longer here than many other parts of the country. The only problem with a longer swimming season is that you have a greater number of months in which you have to worry about keeping it clean.…Read More

  4. Winterize Your Pool To Avoid Costly Repairs

    Although it’s possible to keep your Goodyear swimming pool open all year round, it takes some extra work, and if you’re running a pool heater, it could also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Even though we don’t get the freezing temperatures of some other states, most swimming pool owners in Arizona choose to close them down for the winter in order to avoid costly repairs. But how does t…Read More

  5. How Does A Pool Heater Work?

    In previous posts, we discussed the question of whether or not it’s OK to leave your pool open year ‘round here in the Goodyear area. While Arizona rarely sees the cold temperatures and winter precipitation that are common in other parts of the country, the temperature in the later months of the year is still decidedly chillier than the summer. However, with pool services and a little bit of k…Read More

  6. 3 Home Improvements That Can Extend Your Swimming Season

    As we mentioned in a previous post that featured a question from one of our swimming pool maintenance customers, many people in the Goodyear area wish they could keep their pool open despite the cold weather that arrives late in the year. Although we don’t advise leaving your outdoor pool open all year long, there are certain features that can be added to your swimming pool area to greatly exten…Read More

  7. Is It Okay To Leave A Swimming Pool Open Year Round?

    As one of the most trusted pool cleaner and service companies in the Goodyear area, Universal Pool Service techs often field questions from Arizona homeowners who want to know best practices for pool maintenance. Recently, our pool cleaning pros received the following question via email, and we thought it was important enough that we wanted to answer it here, on our blog, for all local pool owner…Read More

  8. Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking?

    The average in-ground, residential pool in Goodyear, Arizona holds approximately 20,000 gallons of water. With this massive amount of water swirling around in your pool, it can be hard to tell if you’re losing small amounts because of a leak. After all, water is naturally lost from a pool over time thanks to evaporation and the tidal wave that’s created every time your nephew shows off his can…Read More

  9. 4 Reasons You Should Never Attempt Your Own Pool Repair

    Have you noticed some strange sounds coming from your pool pump? Is there a tear in your pool’s lining or a chip in the concrete around it’s edge? As you sit there with lemonade in hand, observing these pool repairs, you’re probably weighing the costs of hiring a professional versus just doing it yourself. On the one hand, you’ve never attempted to repair a pool before, but on the other, y…Read More

  10. Are You Confused About Which Pool Chemicals To Use When? We Can Help

    As one of the most respected swimming pool service companies in the Goodyear, Arizona area, we’re constantly helping homeowners understand the role chemicals play in swimming pool maintenance. When there are leaves in your pool, you skim them out. When there’s a gash in your pool lining, you call Universal for swimming pool repair. But it’s much harder to "see" when the chemical balance of y…Read More