1. 8 Common Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

    Whether you’ve had your pool for years or you just got one installed over the summer, you’ve likely come across many myths that have circulated through the years. While most of the myths are relatively harmless, it’s still a good idea to brush up on the facts so you have a better understanding of how to get the most out of your pool and keep it healthy. Today, we’re going to debunk eight o…Read More

  2. 6 More Costly Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

    We recently took an in-depth look at some of the most costly pool care mistakes you can make, and, as promised, we return with the conclusion of our two-part series. It can seem overwhelming with all of the tasks to complete and information to remember, but owning a pool is something we think is pretty fun. Do you need pool service in Goodyear? What about getting your pool cleaned? Well, look no f…Read More

  3. A New Pool Owners Guide To Maintaining A Swimming Pool

    So you just installed a swimming pool. Are you ready for summers of fun in the sun, tanned skin, the sweet smell of coconut sunscreen lingering around your backyard? Not so fast. Pools aren’t all fun and games. Okay, fine. They’re mostly fun and games - especially with the right pool maintenance skills. While some new pool owners take it upon themselves to be the Pool Maintenance Professional …Read More

  4. Learn About Our Pool Heaters, Part 2

    In our last Universal Pool Service blog, we began to go into detail about each of our four pool heating systems we can install for your home pool. Last time we covered solar pool heaters and heat pumps, both environmentally friendly options. Today we want to talk about our two options that heat pools more quickly, but might cost more to run. Electric Element Pool Heater As you might guess, and ele…Read More

  5. Learn About Our Pool Heaters, Part 1

    Nine months out of the year, we see average high temperatures above 75-degrees, with many months averaging in the low 100s. However, as we get into the fall and winter months, there is a large disparity between daily highs and lows. While you might be able to comfortably enjoy an 80-degree day at the pool in November, when the temperatures dip into the 40s that night, your guests are going to quic…Read More

  6. Covering Your Pool For Winter? Here’s What You Need To Know

    At Universal Pool Service, we know people have different opinions on closing their pools for the winter. On the one hand, we live in beautiful Arizona and experience high day-time temperatures almost year-round. On the other, the days are shorter during the winter and most of us use our pools less frequently. If you’re closing up the old pool for the winter, there are a few things you need to kn…Read More

  7. Myths About Owning A Pool You Shouldn’t Believe

    At Universal Pool Service, we’ve heard a lot of myths floating around about owning a pool. Today, we want to bust four of the most common rumors about pool ownership, and get you excited to own your own pool today! Myth: Pools always break and need expensive repairs. Pools that are installed by reputable companies should last for years and years without any problems. The most frequent repairs po…Read More

  8. Get Your Pool Ready For Your Labor Day Barbecue!

    Labor Day typically marks the end of summertime fun. The kids are heading back to school, people are getting busier at work, and the weather starts to cool down - even here in Arizona! We know it’s hard to believe after the record-breaking heat we’ve experienced this summer, but winter will be here before we know it, and for some of us, that means putting a tarp on the pool until spring. If yo…Read More

  9. 8 Cringe-Worthy Reasons To Schedule Pool Maintenance ASAP

    These last few weeks have marked some of the hottest in Arizona’s history. With temperatures reaching 120 degrees in some areas, you’re bound to be spending a lot of time in the pool. If you’ve been avoiding a pool cleaning for your backyard pool and opting for taking the family to the public pool instead, you might want to think again. 1 in 5 adults pee in the pool. And those are just the o…Read More

  10. Talk To Your Kids About Pool Safety

      All of us at Universal Pool Service have families, and some of us have young kids. We all want our children to safely enjoy pools this summer, and cannot stress how vital pool safety is. As summer approaches, it is the perfect time to sit down with your kids and talk about pool safety. Here are some tips to keep kids of all ages safe this summer: Learn To Swim, and start YOUNG: Did you know hum…Read More