1. 7 Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

    You’ve been on the fence about having your own pool for years. At Universal Pool Service, we’re here to tell you that putting in a swimming pool on your property is well worth the investment. Here are seven reasons to move forward with this project. Keeps you cool It’s a sweltering 98 degrees in Goodyear as we write this post. Whether you’ve lived in the West Valley for a year or a decade,…Read More

  2. Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Pool Cleaning Company

    Whether you’ve had your swimming pool for a year or a decade, it’s imperative to find a pool cleaning service you can trust. What Goodyear residents don’t realize, though, is that not all of these companies provide the same quality of work. Here are four mistakes to avoid when hiring a pool cleaning company. Calling the first service you come across  After a long day at work, the last thing…Read More

  3. Indicators of a Properly Maintained Pool

    You’ve been thinking about getting your own pool for years. Now, though, you’re ready to turn that longtime dream into a reality. But before you begin planning your first pool party, it’s important to know the main indicators of a well-maintained pool. Let’s take a look at our top three. Blue, clear water Healthy pool water is not only a distinct blue, but also incredibly clear. Cloudy wat…Read More

  4. What to Look for in a Pool Service

    Taking care of a pool can be hard work. For many Goodyear homeowners, maintaining a pool often cuts into valuable family time. That’s why we suggest leaving this task in the hands of a professional pool cleaning service. There’s only one problem — how do you know which local pool cleaner will do the best job? Here at Universal Pool Service, we want to help make this decision as easy as possi…Read More

  5. How to Enjoy Your Pool More This Summer

    June is one of the most popular months of the year for going swimming. But if you’ve had your pool for several years now, there’s a chance you may not be getting as much use out of it as you did when you first got it. Here at Universal Pool Service in Goodyear, we want to help you enjoy your swimming pool more this summer. Check out these five must-try pool activities. Exercise It’s a swelte…Read More

  6. Tips for Hiring a Pool Service

    We are often asked if it’s worth hiring a professional pool cleaning service. The short answer is yes. An expert not only understands pools inside and out, but they can also free up some time for you to actually relax and enjoy your pool. Now for the question at hand — with the number of so-called professional pool cleaners in Glendale, how do you really know which one is right to handle the j…Read More

  7. 4 Quick Tips For Keeping Your Pool Cleaner

    If you are the lucky owner of a swimming pool, then you undoubtedly enjoy many delightful days dipping in the cool water. Here in Arizona, owning a swimming pool is almost a necessity! With our hot summer days, having a place to cool down and enjoy the outdoors is a wonderful thing. As a pool owner, you probably also realize the importance of keeping the pool clean. No one wants to swim in murky w…Read More

  8. How To Throw The Best Summer Pool Party

    Throwing a pool party in the summer is a must. What is more fun for the whole family than inviting over friends to enjoy the crystal clear waters of your swimming pool on a hot summer day. It doesn’t take much to make a pool party a success — after all, there is a swimming pool to be enjoyed. However, planning for the party can still go a long way in ensuring the day goes off without a hitch. …Read More

  9. Must-Know Tips If You Bought A House With A Pool

    Have you purchased a home that comes complete with a swimming pool? If so, you are undoubtedly excited about using this new feature. Many homeowners who buy a place with a pool are so excited, they neglect to think about what needs to be done before jumping into those beautiful blue waters. Here at Universal Pool Service, we provide an array of swimming pool maintenance services in Goodyear, Glend…Read More

  10. Is Your Swimming Pool Ready For The Warm Days Ahead?

    Here in Arizona, we are accustomed to mild winters. However, the same cannot be said about our summers. As spring reaches across the U.S. most states are awakening from a cold slumber, anticipating the warmth ahead. Here in the Goodyear area, though, things are a little different. Spring signals the start of much warmer days and the eventual sweltering heat of summer. As you notice the days becomi…Read More