With the hot and dry summers that Arizona has, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for residents to own a swimming pool. Swimming pools are a great way to escape from the heat, keep cool, and enjoy the summer, even when it is over 100 degrees. That said, nothing is more worse than swimming pool issues that put your pool-time to a halt.

One common issue that can make it difficult to enjoy your pool is pump failure. A swimming pool pump is essentially the heart of the pool’s circulation system and it plays an essential role in the cleanliness as well. Delaying any issues with your pool pump can cause it to fail, leaving you with costly repairs.

Signs You Need Swimming Pool Pump Repair

To help homeowners prevent that from occurring, we put together a few signs that your swimming pool pump is in need of repair. Catching these issues early and having them professionally repaired can help prevent repair costs from racking up.

Odd Noises

If your pump is making odd noises, it’s an easy sign that it is in need of a repair. Hearing any rumbling, screeching, or grinding noises coming from your pool pump could be due to numerous factors and you should call a pool repair company as soon as possible to come take a look. Rumbling noises are most common when the pump’s motor is vibrating excessively. When this happens, the pump is continuously bumping against the surface it is on. Hearing this noise constantly can mean the pump has become dislodged. However, this is an affordable and easy fix as long as it is done right away. Screeching and grinding noises, on the other hand, are a sign that your pump may need new bearings. Regardless, whatever abnormal noises your pump makes, a professional swimming pool repair company will be able to provide you with a solution.

Pool Leaks or Decreasing Water Levels

There are many factors behind swimming pool leaks or a decrease in its water levels, such as a faulty O-ring or a pipe that is dislodged. Oftentimes, issues with a pool’s O-ring will require a good, thorough cleaning. However, if it appears to be worn than it may be best to have a pool repair service replace it. The more challenging problem with leaks is that their sources are often difficult to locate. First, it is important to check all the pool equipment, beginning with the filter and pump, a leaky filter or detached pump can both cause water levels to drop. Additionally, be on the lookout for any wet areas around the pool. Noticing any wet or damp soil or soil erosion is a sign of a pool leak. A professional pool maintenance company will be able to find and repair pool leaks in your pool!

Still Water

In the event that your pool’s water is still, it is a good indication that you have a faulty pool pump. The health and cleanliness of your pool heavily rely on constantly circulating water, and if the pump fails to do this, it puts everyone who gets in at risk of health and safety concerns. If your pump is not moving water, try the following:

  • Make sure the pool filters are clean and no debris is covering them.
  • Ensure the pool skimmer and pump baskets do not have any obstructions.
  • Check the pool pump’s impeller to make sure there is not any blockage.

Water circulation issues can be due to a leaking suction like, and in this case it is best to contact a swimming pool repair service because just like with any other type of leak, suction line leaks will just get worse over time.

Old Age

Has it been over a decade since you have last had your pool pump repaired, replaced, or serviced? Generally, once a pool pump works countless pool seasons year after year, it will eventually wear down and lead to some troubles and headaches. If your pool pump is older than a decade, it is more than likely to break down within the near future.

Tripping Breaker

Are you experiencing a pool pump that trips breaker? If so, and it occurred shortly after turning on your pump motor, it is a typical sign of a rather large electrical problem. When a pool pump trips a breaker there will be power in your pool pump! Pool power trips are a sign that your pump’s motor is reaching the end of its life, and you may be better off getting a pool pump replacement. OF course, you can call a professional for pool pump repair, but a replacement typically is a more cost-effective option.

Constant Motor Shutdowns

If your pump’s motor constantly shuts down it could be a sign that it is overheating and clogging. Additionally, it could be caused by an overworking fan, which is a much bigger issue. Nonetheless, your pool motor should not shut down consistently, so if this is this case you should have it check out by a pool expert before the pump fails entirely.

Repair Pool Pump Problems Fast!

A swimming pool is a big investment, so it’s understandable that you want to get the most use out of it and keep it running as optimally as possible. But what’s more important though is to keep it safe and risk-free for everyone who wants to enjoy its use.

If you are having problems and are in need of pool pump repair in Glendale, Goodyear, or Litchfield, Universal Pool Service is here to help. We specialize in swimming pool repairs, especially with pumps and motors. Contact our team today for a free consultation!